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Serving Californian's with their Medicare and
 Health coverage needs since 1982

Going on Medicare???     Let us help...     Call us at:  1-800-700-7747

Whether you are preparing for, or already enjoying, your retirement years, you need the right insurance coverage. You worked hard to build your retirement nest-egg and can’t afford to put it at risk against the unforeseen threats of; 1) catastrophic medical, hospital or long-term care expense, 2) risky and volatile investments, and 3) unnecessary taxation to you and your heirs.

With proper planning, you can have “peace of mind” with the true protection of life, health, Medicare supplements and fixed annuity policies. We offer all types of insurance and annuity plans under one roof to protect your retirement savings and income, as well as a variety of other needs.

Most insurance companies will offer you similar services. But as a customer, you must know how the services are offered, and what value you’re getting, because these things can make a big difference later on. Senior Security Insurance Service has been providing services that are dependable, world-class, and extend well beyond the sale of an insurance policy.

We don't just sell policies.  We educate our clients about Medicare and their choices.  It is true that "one shoe does not fit all,"  So knowing how Medicare works and what plans and options are available is important.  SSIS has been providing educational workshops and materials since we first started in 1982.

Here are a few links to our on-line educational materials so you can begin your journey to understanding Medicare today -

Our insurance professionals are always there for you when you need them. They will first listen to you, and understand your needs. Then they will guide you through the various options, so that you understand the implications. Finally, they will help you select the right insurance.
We are a private, independently owned company based in California, with offices in Carlsbad and Chico, CA.

You will find our customer service friendly, and eager to help you around the clock. We are there to answer your questions and solve your problems.

So call us now, or email us, and find out how we can help you secure your future!


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